Is It Really Monday Again?

Pajamas and wine on a Sunday morning. Yes please, and thank you. #iwokeuplikethis #andbyTHISimeandrunk

First ever business cards! Whoohoo! #mybestieisastylist hehe @mel_funkxion May your business grow my friend. May you achieve all your goals and may you continue building your dream. I’m behind you all the way. 👯🙏👏

Today! @mel_funkxion @mison_jay @siviwe_james @nerdy_neener

When he gives me flowers ❤️💚💏🙇🍁💨

Oh these were the days! #WayBackWednesday #ithinkiwas18 #schooldays

Way Back Wednesday… Found another golden oldie! Haha!

Way Back Wednesday… Look at what I found! Lol!! 🙈😂🙋

Sometimes all a girl needs is a little “Me Time”… Works wonders for the soul. #phuckyofilter #aunaturale #yeaynailsarechippedthatswhyimhavingmetime

Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake - Love Never Felt So Good


So like, without that long blonde messy ugly hair, Neymar is actually damn cute. 👀✋👄😻

Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, Two In a Bush after. Because who doesn’t love going to the theatre?!? #XFactor #HeatCasting