Oh these were the days! #WayBackWednesday #ithinkiwas18 #schooldays

Way Back Wednesday… Found another golden oldie! Haha!

Way Back Wednesday… Look at what I found! Lol!! 🙈😂🙋

Sometimes all a girl needs is a little “Me Time”… Works wonders for the soul. #phuckyofilter #aunaturale #yeaynailsarechippedthatswhyimhavingmetime

Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake - Love Never Felt So Good


So like, without that long blonde messy ugly hair, Neymar is actually damn cute. 👀✋👄😻

Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, Two In a Bush after. Because who doesn’t love going to the theatre?!? #XFactor #HeatCasting

Good hair day x Good Hands Day x Hella Cute Silk Dress x No Filter

Dinner with the kids last night at Hard Rock Cafe.

It Are Your Bifday Today!!!!! Happeeeeeeee!!!! I LOVE YOU MILLY BO BILLY!!

My nigga!!! Even though you have your birthday away to Terence, I’ll still sing for you!! I hope you have an AMAZING day! You’re supposed to! You’ve stopped aging! Ha! Here’s to fucking shit up together for the rest of our lives. Thanks for busting my ass when I’m a cry baby, for the late night drives, the mid afternoon smokes, the hella cute boys lookout and being so freakin cool.
#myrideordie #mybestieisastylist #melfunktion aka #strippername #Cinnamon 🎈💝💞💃🎁🎉🎊🎀✨🌟💫🚬🔫🎂

Corporate Game. #cutiepatootiewithahellaradbootie Aiiiiich!!